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Imont Legal & Taxes was created in 2004 but its history began a few years earlier, in 1999, when Isabel Montesinos, its founder, was living with her family in the United States and had the opportunity to go through the experience of acquiring a home in another country, and in a language that was not her own, discovering how difficult and stressful this process could be.

That is why, in 2004, when the opportunity arose, she did not hesitate to create Imont Legal & Taxes with the intention of helping people from other countries during the process of acquiring a property in Spain, providing them with security and total guarantee.

Today, Imont Legal & Taxes is a firm of lawyers and tax experts in International Real Estate Law with four offices in Murcia, Alicante-Costa Blanca North, Alicante-Costa Blanca South and Madrid, made up of a team of highly experienced professionals, capable of attending to the needs of international clients in their own language.

That is why we are proud to say that an important part of Imont Legal & Taxes’ client portfolio comes from recommendations from other clients, and also from the network of professional contacts we have developed over the years”.

Imont Legal & Taxes


To provide our foreign clients with the best legal and fiscal advice to make the process of buying and selling a property in Spain a totally satisfactory and stress-free experience; and from there, to create a relationship of trust that will last over time.


To be a leading law firm in our area of influence, with a motivating and friendly working environment, with a common goal of achieving total client loyalty and satisfaction.


Excellence, Continuous Training, Teamwork, and Commitment to Our Clients. Imont invests in the constant training of our team members, constantly striving to achieve the highest standards of quality in the provision of our services.

These are essential values that we try to develop day by day through personal and direct contact with our clients in their own language and adjusting to their needs. In fact, at Imont you will find lawyers and advisors with years of experience who speak English, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, German and Russian.  


Why do our clients choose us?

These are core values that we try to develop on a daily basis through personal and direct contact with our clients in their own language and in line with their needs. In fact, at Imont you will find an experienced staff that speaks English, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, German and Russian.

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When do I have to file my Non-Resident Tax?

Your Non-Resident Tax for 2020 is due during 2021 with a deadline on 31st of December. We can calculate your tax and advise you on how to file. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

If I rent my property in Spain, do I have to pay any taxes?

If you are a non-resident and owner of one or more properties in Spain and you have rented them out, you have to file quarterly taxes on the income obtained from the rental(s). We are at your disposal to prepare an estimate of the taxes that you would have to pay for the rental of your property(s) depending on your personal situation. Please let us know your case and we will be pleased to help you.

Is it recommendable to sign a Power of Attorney?

Yes, it is highly advisable to sign a power of attorney so that your representative / lawyer can act on your behalf from the beginning until the signing of the deed without the need for you to come to Spain.

Do I need a bank account in Spain?

Yes, it is necessary to open an account in Spain to set up a direct debit for all utility, community and IBI payments

If I become resident in Spain, do I have to pay income taxes on my income in other countries?

If you are resident in Spain, you will have to pay taxes in Spain for your worldwide income according to  what is established in the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements signed with the country where you  obtain your income. Normally you will stop paying tax in other countries and will only pay in Spain.

Is it compulsory to register in the Land Registry?

It is not compulsory to register notarial deeds in the Land Registry as you can acquire, sell, possess or own any real estate without the need for it to be registered in the Land Registry. However, there are some exceptions, such as the need to register mortgage loans. 

It is always advisable to register in the Land Registry, as the main disadvantage of not registering the property is that you will not be recognized publicly as the owner of that property, which means that it will be much more difficult to prove ownership if any problem should occur.