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Latest Brexit news

Johnson will try to call elections if EU agrees to extend the “brexit” After the last debate in Westminster, the process has now entered in such a technical and complicated phase that even the British do not know where their own rupture lies.

Golden VISA, possible option after The Brexit

After the Brexit referendum many UK nationals are searching for alternatives that will allow them to continue to enjoy unrestricted movement across the European Union and avoid Passport controls when travelling or having to request visas is staying for prolonged periods. Amongst the most popular alternatives is what is known as the Golden Visa (“GV”) […]

After “Brexit”, will British people need a Visa to travel to Spain?

“Brexit” surprised both British and foreigners and has left in the air future relations between the United Kingdom and other European Union countries. Beyond the possible economic impact that we will see in the long term, always depending on the agreement to which, finally, the European Union is reached, in the short term the uncertainty […]

More information about DANA

Dear clients: We inform you that the Consortium of Insurance Compensation (CCS) will pay for the cold drop at least 92 million in the Valencian Community. The total estimated cost in this community amounts to 92 million euros, and the most damaged areas have been Orihuela and the rest of the Vega Baja region in […]

Action guide to claim damages of DANA

The damage caused by DANA in the Vega Baja of Alicante and Murcia has been many, and very substantial. We ourselves have been affected by its effects and effected after its passage. The last floods suffered by the Spanish Levante have focused on Insurance and its tools to alleviate the dramatic situations generated by these […]