Work and promotion environment, good treatment and excellent coexistence of Imont legal in this edition of inmo expo Benidorm

IMONT LEGAL SERVICES, in its determined commitment to real estate legal security, has had a special and vital role with the real estate agents and promoters sector in the Real Estate exhibition, INMO EXPO 2020 BENIDORM.

Last Saturday this interesting exhibition for real estate agents took place at the Gran Luxor Hotel in Benidorm, where developers, real estate agents.

They agreed on the importance of the Lawyer’s intervention in the real estate process. The real estate sector must bet on real estate legal security throughout its process, from the purchase of classified and competitive land, the construction with innovation solutions for the required guarantees or bank guarantees, to the sales purchase accompanying the client until the end of the operation. IMONT LEGAL has highlighted the role of the agencies or sales agent influencing the appropriate and necessary collaboration contracts. The commercialization of the real estate product has a leading role in this process, you must use the legal prevention with a good collaboration contracts with the developers that reinforce the tranquillity and trust between both parties. With the specialized knowledge of IMONT LEGAL and its experience, success is assured, resulting in tranquillity and confidence for the buyer.

In this meeting the necessary to promote, market and exchange impressions and developments in the real estate sector we would like to highlight the talk and specialist Isabel Montesinos about the guarantees and bank guarantees and the obligations of the developer. Giving the alternative of the figure of the sale of the plot with the work under construction had a special acceptance, making the buyer self-promotor, but without delivery of the possession of the property until the completion of the construction, and this for being an operation that frees the seller from the obligation and the high cost of giving a bank guarantees, without limiting the guarantees for the buyer and without increasing the cost of the sale at the same, since the VAT remains reduced to 10% for the entire operation, both for the purchase of the plot, as the construction of the house.

IMONT LEGAL SERVICES is in continuous process of innovation and commitment to new alternatives and solutions, always within the law, and in order to smooth out the real estate process at all times, and seek the greatest satisfaction of all parties.

Knowledge and experience at the service of efficiency and economic savings, time and stress for the real estate agents.

Work and promotion environment, good treatment and excellent coexistence of IMONT LEGAL in this edition of INMO EXPO BENIDORM.