Why is it important to take out Home Insurance?

When there are problems in your property, it is time to take out Home Insurance. Normally a Basic Home Insurance covers the damages due to fire, theft, flood, water damages and other accidents in the property.

A fundamental aspect is the coverage of civil responsibility, which is normally included, that is to say, that your Home Insurance responds to the damages that the inhabitants of your property, including pets, can cause to third parties.

Home Insurance is one of the policies most frequently contracted by clients, and is also more economical than the policy of your car.

We must bear in mind that Home Insurance contemplates three types of policies: basic, medium and complete. The key is to contract, in detail, the services included in each policy and finally to choose the best quality/price offer.

It should be stressed that Home Insurance allows us to distinguish between the Continent, insuring the infrastructure of the property, and the Contents, the goods inside the property.

If you are an owner and also live in your property, the best thing to do is to insure the building and its contents. However, if you live in the property as a tenant, it would be sufficient to insure the contents.

You should always be aware of the “exclusions” from the coverage of your home insurance, which should always be reflected and detailed in the contract.

Home insurance is a very useful and accessible resource for all properties. A very important fact is that the great majority of companies offer basic policies from 100 Euros, the great majority of insurers also take care of repairs of all types.

The vast majority of homeowners and families have a Home Insurance. Peace of mind, security and response, it is the best coverage for your property