Urban and rustic properties.

It is important to know precisely if a property is Urban or Rustic, it is necessary to check the land classification, defined in the urban planning of the Municipality where it is located.

The property or estate is of an urban nature, if the land or plot where it is located is defined or classified by the urban planning regulations as Urban.

The land and urban planning instruments establish or allow certain uses on urban land, provided that they are included in delimited sectors or spatial areas and are subject to detailed and thorough planning..

This urban planning varies according to the autonomous community where we are located, and also varies from one municipality to another, depending on the municipal urban planning of each one.

The urban land has the established urban services, drinking water supply, drainage, rainwater and sewage and electricity supply.

The construction of a house is permitted on a plot of urban nature, in the dimensions indicated in the planning, as well as the type of house that allows detailed or itemised planning.

At present there is a very frequent demand for the construction of a single-family home with its own plot, garden and swimming pool, on urban land, duly planned.

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The rustic property or property of rustic nature is the one that is located in land classified as rustic. The legislation is more restrictive with the possible uses and destinations of rustic land. Normally destined for crop or agricultural, livestock, hunting, forestry and environmental uses

The most common question regarding rustic land is: can we build a house on rustic land? The legislation is very strict, we have to determine the meters needed in a rustic plot, in order to build a certain construction, with a certain use. There is also the possibility of rehabilitating pre-existing constructions to give them a new use or destination.

There is a great tendency and demand of the destination of rural and interior tourism, the clients look for an opportunity in the rural lodgings, B&B (bed and breakfast). Without a doubt a great possibility for business and also for a quiet and relaxing life in extraordinary surroundings and places.

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