Tourist accommodations: activity suspension

The Spanish Ministry of Health has issued Order SND/257/2020, declaring the suspension of the opening of tourist accommodation establishments to the public.

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, has announced that hard weeks lies ahead, so increasingly restrictive measures are being taken.

The Spanish Government considers that the concentration of people in tourist accommodation, which must share certain common spaces, implies an increased risk of contagion.

This order establishes the suspension of the opening to the public of the following:

  • Hotels and similar accommodation,
  • Tourist accommodations,
  • Other short stay accommodation,
  • Campgrounds,
  • Car parks and other similar establishments located in Spanish territory.

As an exception to this order, long-term stays are considered, the following decreed states:

Those tourist establishments that host clients who, at the time of the declaration of the state of alarm, are staying on a stable and seasonal basis, are allowed to open to the public.

Nevertheless, it must be guaranteed that the activities of first necessity can be carried out in the terms that the Real Decree 463/2020 establishes.

The closure of establishments will take place at the moment when there are no clients to attend to; and within a maximum period of seven calendar days from the entry into force of this regulation.

This order entered into force on the day of its publication, i.e. 19 March. It will be applicable until the end of the declaration of the state of alarm or extensions thereof.

Undoubtedly, these are not easy times for our country, nor for the whole world.

Imont Legal Services will continue paying attention to all the measures that the Spanish Government decrees and to the economic repercussion that it supposes to our clients.