APTUR, Vereniging van appartementen en vakantiewoningen van de Valenciaanse Gemeenschap

APTUR, vereniging van appartementen en vakantiewoningen van de Valenciaanse Gemeenschap, heeft vandaag in de Buitengewone Algemene Vergadering de wijziging van haar statuten goedgekeurd.

Heropening van grenzen en boost voor toerisme

Alhoewel de Spaanse regering op 12 mei 2020 maximale controle- en beveiligingsnormen uitvaardigde die van invloed waren op allen die Spanje vanuit andere landen wilden bezoeken, met grenscontroles en een verplichte 14-daagse quarantaine,

Verlenging van verblijfs- en werkvergunningen voor buitenlanders in Spanje vanwege Covid-19

De BOE van 20 mei publiceert Order SND / 421/2020 van 18 mei, waarbij maatregelen worden genomen met betrekking tot de verlenging van van verblijfs- en werkvergunningen voor buitenlanders in Spanje, in toepassing van Koninklijk Besluit 463/2020 van 14 maart, waarin de alarmtoestand wordt uitgeroepen voor het beheer van de gezondheidscrisissituatie veroorzaakt door COVID 19.

Het testament in tijden van Covid-19

Zoals iedereen weet, heeft de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie de door Covid-19 veroorzaakte gezondheidscrisis verheven tot de categorie van een internationale pandemie.

Covid-19. Nieuwe belastinsgmaatregelen

Op 15 april 2020, is Koninklijk Besluit 14/2020 in de Staatscourant gepubliceerd met verwijzing naar nieuwe fiscale maatregelen die door COVID-19 zijn aangenomen als reactie op de pandemie.

De spaanse regering keurt een nieuw pakket van beschermingsmaatregelen betreffende verhuur, hypotheken, verbruik en de rechten van de werknemers

De Spaanse regering heeft koninklijk wetsbesluit 11/2020 goedgekeurd, dat bestaat uit een nieuw pakket maatregelen ter ondersteuning van de meest kwetsbare groepen zoals werknemers, consumenten en gezinnen, zodanig dat hun financiële situatie kan worden verlicht en zij kunnen beschikken over een minimum inkomen om hun vaste lasten kunnen blijven betalen.

8 Tips voor het kopen van nieuwbouw woningen

De aankoop van een huis, hetzij als een eerste verblijf, of als een vakantiehuis, is een van de belangrijkste beslissingen waarmee gezinnen worden geconfronteerd, dus het is belangrijk om onnodige risico’s te vermijden.


Buying a property in Spain can be one of the biggest decisions and projects of many peoples in their lifetime and in order to avoid any problem or unpleasant surprise it is very important to have the advice of certified lawyer from the first moment, even before finding the right home and signing a reservation contract.

We have all heard terrible stories about people who have lost all their money by buying illegal homes, off-plan homes that were never built, or homes with foreclosures. At Imont we have defend at court many clients going through all that kind of situations because they did not use a lawyer at the time of the purchase, they used the services of the lawyer of the builder “, or even worse they used a solicitor that end up not been a real lawyer, or just a translator. The best way to prevent these situations and avoid litigation is to have the advice of a qualified and registered lawyer from the beginning, but you must be aware of intruders posing as “Spanish Solicitors” “legal advisors” “legal assistants” “legal experts” “conveyancing experts” ….. or even as I saw the other day on a flyer at Orihuela Town Hall, translators offering a service that covers all legal paperwork (conveyance, wills, inheritance…)for one third of the price, but obviously without any guarantee  because  only by using a certified lawyer you can get full protection and guarantee for legal advice.

Since February 2019, the Orihuela Bar Association is developing a campaign against professional intruders, which is supported by our law firm, Imont Legal Services, which reads: “DON’T MAKE A MISTAKE, GO TO SEE YOUR LAWYER”.   The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness among consumers of legal services, as well as real estate agencies, intermediaries, consulates, embassies, and consumer associations, mainly from other countries, that lawyers are the only professionals qualified to guarantee their rights, interests and assets.

The Statute of Spanish Lawyers reserves the title of Lawyer exclusively for those professionals who, being in possession of a degree in Law obtained or homologated in Spain, belong to a Spanish Bar Association as practitioners, and dedicate themselves professionally to provide legal advice and defend the legal interests of others, public or private.

Performing the acts of lawyers without meeting these requirements is professional intrusiveness and is a crime under our Criminal Code.

The key is to get the registration number of the lawyer at the Bar Association by asking the lawyer for this information. In addition, the General Counsel of Lawyers make available to all interested parties the Census of Lawyers, which is a tool that through a link allows you to enter the name of the lawyer and instantly verify that he or she holds such status.


At Imont Legal Services, all our lawyers are members of the Bar Associations of Murcia and Cartagena, we are experts in Real Estate Law, with more than 16 years of experience defending real estate cases in the Courts, and above all focused on legal and tax advice for international clients to ensure the satisfaction and guarantee of the process of buying and/or selling a property in Spain. More than 5,000 satisfied clients over 15 years support us, and our legal services appear on the recommendation lists of both British and Belgian consulates. Our motto: Trust us & Relax

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But do we know what the difference is between tourist apartments and houses for tourist use ( alojamientos vacacionales) ?

According to the new decree 174/2018 Tourist apartments will be considered to be the accommodation units offered, by means of a price, for rent on a regular basis and duly equipped with furniture, installations, services and equipment for immediate temporary occupation for holiday or leisure purposes. These tourist apartments are classified in the categories of one, two, three, four and five keys.

And according to article 30 of the previous Decree of 2005, still in force, will not have the legal consideration of tourist apartments, but of vacation accommodations (alojamientos vacacionales), isolated units of apartments, bungalows, villas, chalets and similar, offered for rent by the operating companies or person, for vacation or tourist reasons, and that meet the specified requirements.

The key therefore lies in the number of dwellings belonging to the same owner or operator that are offered for holiday use. If there is only one unit offered, it will be a holiday home regulated by Decree 2005 and if there are several, it will be tourist apartments regulated by the new Decree 174/2018.

Focusing on the holiday homes that are offered by most of our customers, there are no different categories, but there is a single category. However, these “alojamientos vacacionales” share some of the requirements of tourist apartments.

Thus, the operators of  these vacation accommodations will be obliged to:

  1. a) Maintain accommodation facilities in a condition that guarantee its proper functioning.
  2. b) Inform users in advance about the system of services offered in the establishment, the conditions for providing them and their price.
  3. c) Provide users with a contact telephone number of the responsible person.

On the other hand, the price of the accommodation must include the following minimum services and supplies:

  1. a) Permanent cold and hot water.
  2. b) Gas and/or electric energy.
  3. c) Cleaning at the beginning of the stay.
  4. d) Change of linen once a week.
  5. e) Television.
  6. f) Collection of rubbish, or where appropriate, the existence of containers in accordance with municipal ordinances.

As well as the operators of the tourist apartments, the operators of  holiday homes must register all travellers who pass through their home, must have complaint sheets available and announce their existence to the public in a visible manner and expressed in Spanish, English and two languages of their choice.  Owners must have a civil liability insurance and the advertising they develop must specify the type of tourist accommodation to avoid confusion to the customer.

As for the beginning of the activity, the companies operating holiday accommodation must notify the competent Ministry of Tourism prior to the start of the activity. The communication will be accompanied by a responsible statement ( Declaración responsible) and will be accompanied by a series of documents for the purposes of registration of the same in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Region of Murcia. It is forbidden to offer and market the property without having previously made the communication.