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Dear clients:

We inform you that the Consortium of Insurance Compensation (CCS) will pay for the cold drop at least 92 million in the Valencian Community.

The total estimated cost in this community amounts to 92 million euros, and the most damaged areas have been Orihuela and the rest of the Vega Baja region in Alicante, and Ontinyent and the rest of the Vall de Albaida region in Valencia.

According to the entity, the calculations are preliminary and are based on emergency reports made by a team of CCS experts after recognizing the affected areas, a task that was made difficult by the fact that rains and overflows continued over the past weekend and some areas were not yet accessible.

The entity estimates that, overall, the number of claims for compensation from affected insureds to be managed will be around 30,000, and that the total cost of compensation to be paid to them will be around 192 million euros.

By affected areas, Murcia is the one that has suffered more damage, especially Cartagena, Los Alcázares, Murcia and San Javier, with a total of 13,800 claims entitled to compensation from the CCS so far and an expected cost of 82 million euros.

Of these claims, 10,000 correspond to homes, businesses, industries and civil works and 3,800 to cars dragged or flooded, explains the entity.

According to the CCS, there is no deadline for claiming compensation, so the agency will register and process all requests for payments it receives, including those submitted after the 7-day deadline referred to in the Insurance Contract Law. The request can be made by the insured person himself or, on his behalf, by his insurance company or the insurance intermediary (agent or broker), through the free telephone number 900 222 665 (Press 1 and wait for an operator and ask for english speaking operator) or sending an email to

  • Details about the person presenting the claim for compensation on-line and about the policy holder, if these were to be different people: name and surnames or company name; Fiscal Identification Number of Code; address and contact telephone number.
  • Bank details for the payment of the compensation: The International Bank Account Number (24 digits) formed by two alphabet characters indicating the country and two control digits, bank entity number, branch number and current account number.
  • In the case of damages to motor vehicles: make, model and registration number of the damaged vehicle. If it is in a garage for repair, the name, address and telephone number of this garage must be provided in order to speed up the damage appraisal.


The CCS also wishes to clarify that there is no limit to the amount of compensation to be paid, which will correspond to the insurance taken out by those affected, even if the final cost could significantly exceed the first estimates made.

In the case of flooded cars, the insured will have the right to receive compensation from the CCS “whatever the coverage contracted”, as civil liability or obligatory damage to third parties would suffice.