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At Imont Legal, our highest priority is to give our clients the best care and the best legal service that a lawyer can provide. We like that our clients are in contact with us, and know their worries so we can help them in all the legal aspects that they may have, and solve them effectively. This is why we have the best specialists in civil and tax law, so that you do not have to worry about anything, we do it all for you.

IMONT Legal Services is a multidisciplinary law firm with offices in San Javier (Murcia), La Zenia (Alicante) Finestrat (Alicante) and Madrid. The firm was created in 2004 by Isabel Montesinos and, from that moment we have always tried to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, investing in the constant training of our team members and continuously striving to reach the highest quality standards and satisfaction of our customers.

That is why we are proud to say that an important part of the Imont Legal Services client portfolio comes from recommendations of other clients and also from the network of professional contacts that we have developed over the years.

Our specialties

We are specialists in different areas of law, such as those showing below. If you do not find the area you are looking for, contact us and we can recommend a suitable professional in that area within the company.

Purchase of a properties.

Purchase of a properties.


At the time of choosing a property to buy it will be necessary to pay a deposit to reserve it. From the first initial moment of the sale, and for your peace of mind, our lawyers will check all the documentation of the property (nota simple, cadastral consultation, first occupancy license …) to ensure that everything is in order and that your investment is safe.


If it is a sale of a second-hand property, our lawyers will be in charge of preparing the private contract of sale, ensuring that the written document is as beneficial as possible for the client.


In the case of an off plan sale, our attorneys will review the contract and ensure that it is respectful of the protective legislation of consumers and especially with the First Additional Provision of the LOE, so that payments made by the buyer during the Construction are guaranteed.


The signing of the deed of sale takes place in the presence of a Notary, which attests to the granting. Turning this act, whereby the buyer becomes the rightful owner of the home, in a stress-free process.


Once the public deed of sale has been granted, our team of prosecutors will be in charge of managing the settlement of the different taxes and expenses, as well as managing the registration of the deed in the Property Registry.


Our team will also be in charge of managing the contracting of water and electricity supplies if necessary.


The process will conclude with the delivery to the buyer of the deeds of the property duly registered and with all the invoices that will be tax deductible in the future, together with said deeds.

Selling properties

Selling properties

At the time of selling a property, the seller must make the legal documentation of the property available to the buyer and his lawyers. To avoid unforeseen and unpleasant surprises, from the moment you decide to put the house for sale, you can count on the help of IMONT to gather the necessary documents and regularize any unforeseen circumstances for the sale; subsequently, as soon as you have a potential buyer, the lawyer will coordinate the preparation of a contract of sale and negotiate the clauses of the same.

Our professionals will also be responsible for providing you with a pre-sale breakdown of expenses so that you know all the expenses associated with the sale of the property.

After the sale, our team is in charge of processing the liquidation of the taxes and expenses derived from the sale (IBI, plusvalia), and will also claim the reimbursement of any withheld tax or any other type of withholdings associated with the sale.

Tourist licenses for holiday homes

Tourist licenses for holiday homes

If you want to rent your property in Spain for vacation purposes, you must have a tourist accommodation license to advertise it with a real estate agencies or on websites such as Airbnb or Home Away.

The lack of license may result in penalties; Therefore, if you rent or intend to rent your property, contact IMONT to assist you in the process of registering your property as a tourist home.

Wills and Inheritance

Wills and Inheritance

In accordance with article 667 of the Civil Code, the will is an act by which a person disposes, for after death, of all his assets or part of them

All residents in Spain, and even all those people who, without being residents, own property in Spain, it is advisable to sign a will before a Spanish notary and decide the fate of all their assets after their death, determining the person or persons who must acquire the ownership of your assets, rights and obligations when he / she dies.

At the time of signing a will, having advice from lawyers and fiscal advisors is very important because good legal planning is essential if what is intended is to avoid problems and cumbersome procedures to the heirs, as well as a good tax planning that allows getting the Higher tax savings.

If you are thinking of signing a will, our fiscal advisors and attorneys will help you carry out such planning and assist you in signing a notary of a will.

INHERITANCE: When a person dies, the heirs must decide whether to accept or reject the inheritance (which in the latter case is known as repudiation). Acceptance may be express or implied. An express acceptance, which is the most typical form, is made “expressly” before a notary.

Although there is no term to accept or reject the inheritance, it is important to know that there is a time limit to pay the inheritance taxes and this period is six months from death. In addition, whoever has to pay or not for said tax does not exempt from the obligation to settle it; and it must be taken into account that the Civil Registries are obliged to report the deaths to the liquidating bodies of said tax. If your family member has passed away, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers and tax advisors to help you manage the inheritance and tax settlement within the deadlines indicated in the law.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

For those clients who are residents in other countries and intend to buy a property in Spain and want to avoid having to make multiple trips during the purchase / sale process, IMONT recommends the signing of a power of attorney.

With this power of attorney IMONT can sign on your behalf the private contract of sale, request your NIE number, sign your deeds and even hire supplies on your behalf.

The power of attorney can be signed by you before a Notary in Spain or in your country of residence. IMONT can help you in both cases.

NIE & Residence

NIE & Residence

Any foreign person who intends to acquire a property, a car or open a bank account in Spain, must have a “Foreigner Identity Number” (N.I.E.).

This document is obtained at the Police Station of the place where the property is to be acquired and once obtained must be censored. IMONT can request it on your behalf using power of attorney and will register it once acquired.

Companies and Autonomous

Companies and Autonomous

For those clients interested in developing a business in Spain, IMONT offers legal and fiscal assistance for the constitution of a company and for the fulfilment of the accounting and fiscal obligations of both companies and freelancers.

We take care of all the legal and administrative procedures that your company may need. In addition, we help you in the presentation of all the quarterly and annual taxes that you have to present, and we make the necessary fiscal balances to be aware of everything, and present the necessary documentation within the deadlines established by the Spanish Tax Agency, without prejudice to commit any infraction and the unnecessary payment of penalties and rates fulfilled of term.

Whatever you may need, we give you immediate support so you can make the right decisions at the right time, before it’s too late.

Fiscal and taxes.

Fiscal and taxes.

The purchasing of a property in Spain has a series of tax implications that are different depending on whether the buyer is resident or non-resident. IMONT has a team of specialized fiscal advisors that can meet your needs, whether you are a resident or not.

It is important to know that there are several taxes that must be paid annually as the owner of a property in Spain: local taxes (IBI) and Non-Resident Tax (for non-residents) or Income tax (for residents).

If you decide to rent your property, you should know that you will have to pay rental taxes. IMONT offers a comprehensive and professional Fiscal Representation service.



Banking Law: claim mortgage expenses, liability derived from the law 57/68…
Real Estate Law: contract resolution, recovery of amounts paid on account, execution of guarantees, evictions, leases, construction defects …
Family Law: divorces, food claims…
Traffic accidents: compensation claim.

Criminal law.

Administrative law: claim of capital gains, complementary, claim of patrimonial responsibility of the Administration….

Success stories

Some cases won

  • Unicaja. Claim of clause and mortgage expenses. Court 1ª Inst. Nº 16 Murcia.
  • Bankia. Claim of amounts delivered to Cooperative Melco XXI-Balcón de Colmenar. Court of 1st Inst. Nº 89 of Madrid.
  • Banco Santander. Claim of clause and mortgage expenses. Court 1ª Inst. Nº 16 Murcia.
  • Cam (now Banco Sabadell). Resolution of the contract of sale of property Las Higuericas Park of Cleyton Ges and recovery of amounts delivered. Court 1 Inst. Nº 14 of Murcia. Provincial Court of Murcia.
  • BBVA. Claim of amounts delivered to Cooperative Melco XXI-Balcón de Colmenar. Court of 1st Inst. Nº 46 of Madrid. Provincial Court of Madrid.
  • SGR and BBVA. Resolution of contract of sale and recovery of quantities delivered for property in Residencial Santa Ana del Monte, Herrada del Tollo, Jumilla. Court 1ª Inst. Nº 1 Alicante. Provincial Court of Alicante. Court.
  • SGR- Broncho Promotions. Resolution of contract of sale and recovery of quantities delivered for United Golf La Tercia homes. Court 1st Inst. Nº2 Alicante. Provincial Court of Alicante. Supreme Court
  • La Reserva de Marbella. Contract resolution and deposit refund. 1st Inst. Court No. 15 Malaga.
  • Solera el Trampolín: Declaration of Contest of Creditors. Commercial Court No. 2 Murcia.
  • Solera El Trampolin. Tercería de Dominio. Court 1ª Inst nº1 Elche.
  • Caixabank. Trampolin Hills Golf Resort: Purchase resolutions and return deposits. 1st Inst. Court No. 5 Murcia. Provincial Court of Murcia. Supreme Court
  • Urban leases. Eviction for non-payment. Court. 1st Inst. Court No. 6 San Javier.
  • Caja Murcia (now Bankia). Claim of amount for purchase resolution Torrentas. 1st Inst. Court No. 11 Murcia.
  • Banco Santander. Execution of guarantees and claim of amount by resolution purchase Tres Molinos. 1st Inst. Court No. 12 Murcia. Provincial Court of Murcia. Supreme Court

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Law firm in San Javier

Imont legal is a law firm in San Javier, legal professionals, litigation and tax experts, offering legal assistance to both companies and individuals, formed by true specialists in any of the areas of law. Among our clients, there are thousands of foreigners who have decided to establish their residence in Spain and who need some legal experts to manage all the necessary documentation, licenses and document presentations to the administration to make their stay in Spain as pleasant as possible. Avoiding shocks by lack of information, since we also handle any administrative procedure and the presentation of documents to the administration by our clients, to remove an unnecessary worries.

Law firm in San Javier Imont Legal

Our law firm in San Javier Imont Legal has professionals specialized in different areas of law, with extensive experience and dedicated to providing personalized and quality care, taking your case with total honesty and confidentiality that our profession requires.

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Among our various offices, we highlight our main office, located Av. De la Unión, 82, in the center of San Javier, next to the El Molino Shopping Centre.

The access is very easy, taking the exit of the AP7 motorway, at exit 784, you will easily find our offices.

Our lawyers in San Javier are located, just 300 meters from the Criminal Courts, the jail and the San Javier Court. A proximity that is in our favour taking into account the easy access.

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Even being one of the central areas of San Javier, access is very simple and convenient, taking the AP7 motorway exit, take exit 784

There is no need to use parking, since there are always ample parking areas in front of our offices, and in addition, we are a few meters from the El Molino Shopping centre, which makes us have additional parking areas if necessary.

We are expert jurists dedicated to solving the problems of our clients within the law, so our main objective is to achieve the full satisfaction, and for this we strive to fight for their interests, with full dedication and transparency.

In Imont Legal we provide legal assistance and defence in different areas, but our experience has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as specialists in tax and accounting law, as well as being experts in the management and processing of documentation for foreigners who need legal support from a law firm Look out for your interests in Spain. We have more than 15 years of experience in the sector, having served more than 30,000 customers over the years …