Border and quarantine controls for people traveling to spain from abroad

On May 12th, 2020, the Spanish Government has issued two regulations that affect all those who intend to visit Spain from other countries in the coming weeks.

On one hand, Order INT / 401/2020, which temporarily re-establishes controls at internal air and maritime borders, access to Spanish territory only Spanish citizens, people residing in Spain, cross-border workers and those who document, documentary, causes of force majeure or situation of need.

The second rule is Health Order 403/2020, of May 11, which prevents all international travellers, upon arrival in Spain from being obliged to undergo a quarantine period of 14 days, during which they will remain at their home and accommodation, limiting movements “only to certain activities such as the acquirement of food, pharmaceuticals, assistance to health centres or due to force majeure. All movements will be carried out with a mask.

Travel agencies, tour operators and transport companies must inform travellers of all these measures when they are going to sell tickets to Spain.

In the case of airplanes, airlines must provide a public health form to locate passengers (Passenger Location card), which must be completed by the traveller upon arrival in Spain.

The health authorities may contact these quarantined travellers to monitor them. In any case, when symptoms of a suspected case of COVID-19 appear, these people should contact the health services by telephone, indicating that they are in quarantine for coming from abroad.