After “Brexit”, will British people need a Visa to travel to Spain?

“Brexit” surprised both British and foreigners and has left in the air future relations between the United Kingdom and other European Union countries.
Beyond the possible economic impact that we will see in the long term, always depending on the agreement to which, finally, the European Union is reached, in the short term the uncertainty about basic needs, such as traveling, worries British people who wish to visit or reside in Spain; That is why we want to address one of the most raised questions: will a visa be required for British citizens to travel to Spain?

While it is true that there are many questions un answered about what the future will hold for us with “Brexit”, we can confirm that in April 2019, the European Council and Parliament agreed that, after “Brexit”, the citizens of United Kingdom traveling to the countries of the “Schengen” area for a short stay (90 days within 180 days) may enter the territory of the European Union without obtaining a visa.
In accordance to the EU rules, visa exemption is granted on reciprocity terms, as the United Kingdom has also stated, expressly, that it has no intention of applying for visa to EU citizens when traveling to your country for short stays.
However, in the event that the United Kingdom introduces a visa requirement for nationals of any of the EU Member in the future, the existing reciprocity mechanism will apply and the EU institutions and their member will to implement the visa requirement without delay, so the European Commission will monitor the respect of the principle of reciprocity on an ongoing basis and will immediately inform the European Parliament and the Council of any developments that could jeopardize this.
We can confirm that the complexity of the situation requires not to rush things, take time and waiting for the best possible agreements to be reached.