New measures moratorium on renting commercial premises for coronavirus

Today, 23 April, Royal Decree Law 15/2020 of 21 April on urgent complementary measures to support the economy and employment has come into force. In this law, a new package of measures has been approved which reinforces

Covid-19. New tax measures

Today, April 15, 2020, Royal Decree-Law 14/2020 has been published in the BOE in reference to new tax measures adopted to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The spanish government approves a new package of measures to protect rents, mortgages, consumers and workers’ rights

The Spanish Government has approved Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, which consists of a new package of measures aimed at supporting workers, consumers, families and the most vulnerable groups, so that their financial situation can be alleviated and they can have a minimum income and thus be able to pay their fixed costs.

Imont’s offices are closed

In view of the situation that Spain is suffering with the COVID-19, together with the rest of the world, the Spanish Government has adopted extraordinary urgent measures, in order to relieve the critical circumstances of companies, workers and families.

Statement covid-19

Imont Legal Services informs that, in response to the health and social emergency caused by the declaration of a pandemic by #CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)