We will assist you in getting your NIE number for completion and arranging residency if required.


As a property owner in Spain you will be required by law to apply for a "foreigners' or non resident identity number" (N.I.E. number). This number should be applied for before completion, by you personally or by Power of Attornye. If you are in the area prior to completion please contact us in order to arrange your application.

If you are unable to travel to Spain, we can advise you how to apply for it through the Spanish Embassy in your country. Bear in mind that this process can take a few months.

That NIE is very important since it must appear on all tax returns and in all communications with the Tax Authorities, and will be also requested any Spanish bank if you want to open a bank account in Spain.


By Law any person that lives in Spain more than 173 days per year has to become a Spanish resident and pay your taxes in Spain, even for the pension that you receive in the UK.

If you decide to become a resident in Spain, we can guide you trough the whole process.