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Main benefits and requeriments of the non-lucrative VISA

Foreigners who wish to live temporarily in Spain without carrying out work or professional activities should apply for the Non-lucrative Visa; therefore, this non-lucrative visa is the ideal visa for those who want to retire in Spain and have sufficient financial means to live in Spain without working.

Requirements for obtaining a Non-Profit Residence Visa

In order to obtain this visa, both the applicant and his/her family members must meet the following requirements:

  • Not to be illegally in Spanish territory
  • Clean criminal record
  • Private health insurance.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means necessary to cover cost of living during the residency period.

Financial means

In 2022 the amount required to qualify for the non- lucrative visa is 27,792.96 euros for the applicant and 6,948.24 euros for each family member accompanying the applicant.

The application may be made jointly to include the applicant’s spouse, children and dependent ascendants, but it should be noted that for each of them, sufficient funds must be provided in the prescribed amount.

The non-profit visa implies residence in Spain for at least 183 days per year (i.e. half the year plus one day), which makes the applicant a tax resident in Spain, obliging him/her to pay taxes in Spain on all his/her worldwide income, taking into account the double taxation treaties.

Application procedure

The foreigner must apply for the visa in person at the Spanish Consulate in his/her own country.

Within approximately one month of the application, the consulate will notify the applicant that the visa has been granted and issued, after verifying compliance with the established requirements.

The visa will include the initial residence authorisation for a period of one year, and, after collecting it at the Spanish consulate in their country, the applicant must enter Spanish territory within a maximum period of three months.

The initial validity of one year will start from the date on which the foreigner enters Spain, and it is essential for this purpose that this date is recorded by means of a stamp in the passport.

In Spain, the interested party must apply for the “Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero” (TIE or Foreigner’s Identity Card) at the police station corresponding to the place of future residence.

Renewal of Non-Profit Residence Visa

The initial temporary residence permit will have a duration of one year and may be renewed for an additional period of two years, provided that the interested party accredits that he/she continues to meet the requirements of having sufficient economic funds, medical insurance and a valid passport, in addition, the integration efforts of the foreigner accredited by the positive report of the Autonomous Community of his/her place of residence will be assessed. Subsequent renewals will also be possible.

The experience of Imont Legal, as immigration lawyers, has shown us that one of the greatest difficulties in the procedure for obtaining the non-profit residence visa for all foreigners is the compilation and presentation of the documentation that proves the fulfilment of the requirements, with the added difficulty of the requirement that this documentation be duly translated into Spanish and apostilled.

At Imont Legal & Taxes we will help you throughout the process of obtaining the documentation, making the application and obtaining the TIE once the visa has been approved.

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Source: Ministerio del Interior

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