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Foreigner in Los Alcázares

Foreigner in Los Alcázares, As your Foreigners and Immigration Lawyers we will be your guarantee of entry and legality in Spain

We will obtain for you your golden visa or the residence so that you can live, work and/or study together with your family in Spain.

 In the case you are already in the country illegally, we will help you to get you legal to be able to get you back the quality of life you deserve.

 Furthermore, unlike other immigration lawyers who limit themselves to legal advice.

 We will guide you through the whole way so that you do not make any false steps and we will accompany you until you obtain Spanish nationality in the near future.

 Contact us and let us help you in this new stage of your life.


Get to know us

We are a law firm with experts in immigration and with more than 10 years of experience. This has allowed us to successfully handle more than 3,500 cases, including consultations, procedures and administrative and legal proceedings.

In Imont Legal services our main objective is the resolution of your problems. Therefore, we adapt ourselves to your demands with the purpose of giving you the best service within a climate of deep confidence between us.

Why choose us as your lawyers?

We are aware that we are not the only lawyers who provide services in this area. So why choose us and no other professionals in the sector? In other words, what advantages and benefits will you get by hiring us?


We’re lawyers. This seems obvious, but it’s not. Although it is difficult to believe, in Spain there are those who provide advice on immigration matters despite not being experts in the field, with the adverse consequences that this entails (refusal of residence permit, nationality, deportation from Spanish territory, etc.). Therefore, regardless if you choose us or not, make sure that it is a lawyer who guides you and does not endanger your life project by falling into the hands of the wrong people.


If you suffer from your heart, it is normal to go to a cardiologist and not to another specialist, even if he is also a doctor (dermatologist, traumatologist, etc.). The same goes for lawyers. We are all law professionals, but we have specialized in different areas -penal, labor, fiscal, among others-. Among them is immigration, which is very different from other specialties and we are experts in it, which has allowed us to obtain the necessary expertise to successfully handle your case.


Most of us arrived in Spain as foreigners and then obtained Spanish residency. In other words, we have already lived through the process that you will go through. Therefore, we know perfectly well the problems you will face and more importantly, we know how to solve them so that your immigration process is as safe as possible. That is why we put ourselves in your shoes and fully understand you.


Being part of the General Council of the Lawyers and the Illustrious Bar Association of Cartagena, we have access to priority appointments for your benefit (In procedures such as residences and NIES) and use exclusive platforms for legal professionals that speed up the procedures (This happens with Spanish nationality by residence and in the renewals of any procedure for foreigners).

As we are more than immigration lawyers, what other benefits can we offer you?

We know that legal advice on immigration matters is crucial. However, we understand that it is not enough to start your new life in Spain, as you have other needs that must be addressed. Consequently, apart from our legal support we will assist you in:

 We will help you to get registered (informing the Town Hall of the exact address where you will live), which is of great importance for any immigration proceedings and the subsequent acquisition of Spanish nationality.


Our most demanded services as Foreigners and Immigration Lawyers

Visas and Authorizations

As a foreigner, you will need a visa (tourism or study) or a residence permit (that allows you to work or not) to be in Spain legally. Therefore, we can advise you and start the procedures even before you are in the country.

European Community Regulation

Although there is freedom of movement within the European Union, EU citizens and their families must fulfil certain obligations when they arrive in Spain. For this reason, we process the registration certificate for EU citizens and the community card for family members (spouse, partner, descendants, ascendants)

Court representation

Unlike many who offer immigration services, we are expert lawyers in the area and not simply managers. Therefore, we are qualified to exercise the corresponding appeals and represent your interests before the public administration authorities, courts and tribunals.

More about our services for foreigners

As previously indicated, the services described above are only a part of them (the most demanded by our clients). However, being a law firm specialized in immigration, we perform other activities related to those areas. Below you can find a more detailed description of the above services and many others that we also provide:

    • Golden visa.
    • NIE
    • Residence Permit
    • Community citizens
    • Authorization for residence and work for others
    • Renewal of residence and work permits
    • Modification of residence and work permits
    • Authorization for residence and self-employment
    • Administrative and judicial appeals
    • Processing of documents
    • Other formalities related to the subject of foreigners

What are our fees as immigration lawyers?

Each case is different and our services are personalized. Therefore, the price will depend on the procedure, its difficulty and the number of people that make up our family unit (in those cases where the procedure involves them).

 Once we know your case, we will send you a closed budget with no surprises.

 Don’t wait any longer and contact us. Take action now and take the first step towards your new life in Spain!