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Tax and Accounting Department

From Imont Legal & Taxes we provide a wide range of services within different branches of the law and that we offer to our clients. Among these services we have the advice in the field of Tax and Fiscal Advice, with a work methodology that allows us a wider vision of each case, as we have specialists in all areas of law and professionals collaborators. This allows us to offer a comprehensive fiscal and legal service to our clients.

What can our tax and fiscal specialists offer you? In the Tax and Fiscal area the team of Imont Legal & Taxes bases its line of work around these three areas:

  • Fiscal planning
  • Advice on tax models – preparation and presentation
  • Legal defense before the Tax Administration

How can we help you?

If we do not have a high level of experiance in tax matters, everything related can be quite complicated to understand. Not only because it is a complex task, but also because regulatory changes are continuous. They are constantly changing in terms of deductions, income reductions and all kinds of variations. That is why it is advisable to have the help and advice of tax advisors. Are you looking for tax advisors? From Imont Legal & Taxes we can plan everything related to your taxation, both in the personal and in the labor area.

In Imont Legal & Taxes we have the capacity and the experience to adapt to the changing fiscal world and we can find the best strategies for our clients when it comes to minimizing their fiscal or tax payments. We approach each case with the same commitment, whether they are companies that have just started, consolidated companies of any size or individuals.

For newly created companies, they can count on our services when it comes to obtaining advice for the implementation process or in any negotiation process. If it is a company that is already established or an individual, we can take care of the accounting and present the corresponding tax settlements. Of course, we are dedicated to carry out a constant fiscal follow-up so that the client always has his situation clear. In addition, you can ask us any questions or request information at any time.

On the other hand, in case you require the legal defense of tax lawyers in Murcia, Alicante or Madrid, you can also count on the services of Imont Legal & Taxes (inspection processes, claims…) We are committed to approach your case from our basic principles: loyalty, transparency and the maximum attention to the client, since we value highly the communicational aspect in each case in any of the branches of law that concern us.


We can list several reasons why it is cost-effective to choose one of our tax advisors, such as

    1. Personalized treatment for each client. We will study each client’s case according to the need and the procedure to be followed according to tax law.
    2. Proactivity. We are always attentive to legislative changes and what may impact on our clients.
    3. Fluid communication. We will be in constant communication with our clients and the procedures to be followed.
    4. Clarity and transparency. At all times, you will receive a closed budget of the procedure to be urged and we will inform you of the whole process with the greatest possible clarity and transparency.

Our services offered by the team of tax advisors are as follows:

Areas of action

  • Fiscal, accounting and tax advice to commercial companies and all types of companies and entities, self-employed workers, professionals and individuals (VAT, Corporate tax, Personal Income Tax, Non-resident tax, model 720, etc)
  • Tax planning and asset management
  • Specialists in International and Non-Resident Taxation (Tax planning and double taxation agreements)
  • Coordination, preparation and presentation of all types of tax returns (VAT, personal income tax, corporate, information returns)
  • Advice on buying and selling real estate projects.
  • Presentation and elaboration of appeals before the Tax Agency and the Economic-Administrative Court.
  • – Claiming municipal capital gains.
  • – Company and self-employed accounting.

You want to hire a tax attorney now?

Are you looking for a tax and fiscal office, with experienced specialists specifically trained as tax and fiscal advisors in Murcia, Alicante? If you are looking to hire a tax advisor in Murcia, Alicante, you can do it now. Would you like to request more information first? We are available to provide you with all the necessary information and to solve any of your doubts regarding our work in the field of tax and fiscal law, as well as any of the other branches of law to which we are dedicated.